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Free Spirited brand for Artist, Wanderer, Musician, Writer or who lives a life by bohemian cultural legacy and believes in truth, freedom and love! Bohobox Iis a brand by © Babbler Studio. Since its inception in 2012, Babbler Studio has been working in diverse sectors of branding and design. Our exploration and the journey for the past years has rendered customized corporate gifts and merchandise our forte. Over the years, with the unwavering support and an over-whelming response of our trusted clients, Babbler Studio has now launched its very own bohemian brand label- BOHOBOX, with the sole aim of providing quality products in the form of clothing, home décor accessories and articles to our youth. Two years after its launch in 2019, BOHOBOX continues to cater to its clients like Atlas Copco, VIT chain of hotels, Ivavsys Softfware and Ceratec Constructions among many others. We are working on expanding our virtual shop and are in the process of introducing a beautiful amalgamation of desi-contemporary products very soon.